The Cottages at Pikeview: A Beacon of Success in Workforce Housing Development


Colorado Springs, CO – The Cottages at Pikeview, a transformative 168-unit workforce housing development, commenced unit deliveries to the Colorado Springs market in March 2023 and successfully reached completion in June 2023. Developed by local industry leader Goodwin Knight in partnership with modular manufacturer Key Structures, and backed by the Corundum Group, a leader in wealth management, this project marks a significant milestone in addressing the pressing need for affordable housing solutions in the region.

As of the end of September 2023, The Cottages at Pikeview proudly reports that it has surpassed the 99% mark in leased units, illustrating the strong demand for workforce housing. This swift lease-up highlights the acute need for accessible and reasonably priced housing options in the Colorado Springs area.

Goodwin Knight is committed to Making Life Better by crafting sustainable communities that cater to the workforce population. With over 1,900 units currently under development across Colorado, Goodwin Knight proudly announces that an impressive 99% of these units fall within the 100% Area Medium Income Rental Limit and over 50% of the 1,000 cottages under development fall within the 80% limit, affirming Goodwin Knight’s dedication to providing attainable housing solutions for all.

The Cottages at Pikeview boasts a carefully designed community that not only prioritizes affordability but also fosters a sense of belonging. Residents benefit from modern amenities, local green spaces, and a thoughtfully curated environment that encourages a high quality of life.

About Goodwin Knight: Goodwin Knight is a pioneering developer based in Colorado Springs dedicated to creating sustainable, affordable, and vibrant communities across Colorado and throughout the United States. With a diverse portfolio of successful projects, Goodwin Knight is committed to providing accessible housing solutions for the workforce population.

About Key Structures: Key Structures is the largest Colorado-based modular manufacturer in the state and is a sister company of Goodwin Knight.

About Corundum Group: Corundum Group is a multi-family family office that provides an integrated approach to your financial world that starts with understanding you. The close relationships we enjoy with our clients are built on our commitment to fostering trust and facilitating clear communication.

About The Cottages at Pikeview: The Cottages at Pikeview is a 168-unit workforce housing development in Colorado Springs, delivering affordable, modern living spaces to meet the needs of the community. With over 98% of units leased by the end of September 2023, The Cottages at Pikeview is a testament to the urgent demand for accessible housing options in the region.