Goodwin Knight Unveils Path to Homeownership with Exciting Incentives

Goodwin Knight, a leading real estate developer committed to providing attainable housing solutions, is thrilled to introduce GreatStart, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at making the dream of homeownership a reality for renters.

Are you renting with dreams of owning your own home? Goodwin Knight invites you to make your next move a GreatStart and potentially earn up to $10,000 off your future home purchase.*

Here’s how GreatStart works:

  1.  Start Your Journey: Start your journey to homeownership by choosing a rental home from the wide selection of Goodwin Knight communities

        2.  Consult with Experts: Schedule a private consultation with one of our expert lenders. They will help establish a personalized strategy to qualify for a mortgage and explain who to fulfill your rental obligations to qualify for the GreatStart incentives.

        3. Seize Your Opportunity: Obtain pre-approval with your lender, meet with one of our partners to find the home of your dreams and close on your brand-new home with up to $10,000 of GreatStart incentives.

“We’re excited to launch GreatStart, an initiative designed to empower renters to transition seamlessly into homeownership,” said Brandon Loveridge, President of Goodwin Knight. At Goodwin Knight, we understand the importance of creating pathways to homeownership, and we’re committed to supporting individuals in achieving this milestone. 

For more details on GreatStart and how you can take advantage of this opportunity, visit

*Please note that Goodwin Knight reserves the right to make changes or discontinue any program, campaign, or incentive without notice or obligation. For additional information, disclosures, and disclaimers, please contact a leasing representative.

About Goodwin Knight: Goodwin Knight is a leading real estate developer dedicated to providing attainable housing solutions. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Goodwin Knight strives to create communities that enrich lives and foster growth. For more information, visit